About Us

Having been initially involved in R&D studies about the charge systems of electrical vehicles between  2010 and 2011 and duly established in 2012, our company has now signed a strategic cooperation and representation agreement with RWE Effizient GmbH, a well-known European company specializing in charging systems for electrical vehicles.

Yeşil Güç Enerji is established under the umbrella of Meral Group with the support of its sister companies specializing in construction of sports facilities and hydroelectric power plants, as well as administration of the same and energy production fields.

Having been involved in energy sector since the 1960’s, RWE Effizient GmbH is one of the five leading European companies involved in electric energy and gas production activities. With its 70.000 strong workforce, the company provides electrical energy for its 16 million subscribers and gas energy for its 8 million subscribers.

RWE has been developing comprehensive solutions to the installation of charge units, smart invoicing , operation of charge units and similar since 2008. RWE also offers turnkey solutions for infrastructure systems in connection with smart charge.

Providing its wide ranging services to day, Yeşil Güç Enerji consists of various departments all of which are specialized in their assigned duties in order to offer best solutions in most cost effective manner.

Yeşil Güç Enerji  aims to become a leading company in its field by offering smart charge systems for electric vehicles, as well as various customer orientated solutions tailored to suit individual needs.