Smart Station

An ideal solution for fast and smart charge...

Offering smart solutions for common-use areas, the Smart Station with its 2 xx 22kVA output power can 2 vehicles simultaneously. Thanks to its charge units that are capable of charging your vehicle 6 times faster than ordinary wall plug at your home, it helps you to save great amount of time and energy.

You can monitor the current status of the charge units via Yeşil Güç Enerji Network and hence you can easily decide upon the nearest charge unit to go. Having your identity authenticated by Yeşil Güç Enerji Smart Card System, you can immediately begin with the charging process. Thanks to smart gauges installed in Smart Box units, you can adjust your charge unit according to different tariff options and charge up your vehicle in most economic and affordable way.          

Fully compatible with all applicable European norms and EMC requirements, Smart Box provides your personal safety in full and in accordance with the requirements of international standards thanks to its built in IEC61851 / SAE J1772 signal.

Smart Station is a senseful choice if you have common-use areas such as shopping malls,petrol stations and company fleets.

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