Combi Station

An ideal solution for ultra fast charge...

Combining AC and DC charge technologies under one single unit, Combi Station offers you 2 different charging options consisting of one AC and one DC. With its 22 kVA AC output power, Smart Station enables you to have the privilege of charging your vehicle just in just 3 to 4 hours, or simply in 30 minutes by using the 50 kVA DC option.

You can monitor the current status of the charge units via Yeşil Güç Enerji Network and hence you can easily decide upon the nearest charge unit to go.

Fully compatible with all applicable European norms and EMC requirements, Combi Station provides your personal safety in full and in accordance with the requirements of international standards thanks to its built in IEC61851 / SAE J1772 signal.

Combi Station would be a senseful choice for those who want to save time.

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