How the charging process is realied?

You can commence your charging process either with your keys or the Yeşil Güç Enerji smart card you have after connecting your charge cable to the charge unit that came along with your vehicle.

How long does it take for a charge unit to charge up a vehicle?

Charging process may take 30 minutes to 6 hours,depending on speciality of battery belongs to your car. 

Where are your charging stations situtated?

You can find the charging points with charge units at our charge map.

Where can I obtain my Yeşil Güç Enerji smart card?

You can have your Yeşil Güç Enerji smart card either by filling in the request form at our website or by simply giving us a call on 444 4 YGE (943).   

Can I charge my vehicle at all available charging units with my Smart Card?

Yes, you can charge your vehicle at all points fitted with Yeşil Güç Enerji charge units with your Smart Card.

What if I have lost my Smart Card?

In case that you’ve lost your Smart Card  or it’s stolen, please immediately call us on 444 4 YGE(943).

How long does it takes you to step in,in case of my charge unit is broken down?

We shall dispatch our service team as soon as we possibly can once your call about being broken down has been received by us.

How can I learn whether if the charge unit is available or not?

To see whether if your chosen charge point is available, just click on the desired charge point on the charge map.

Would I have any problems if charge up my vehicle with some charge already left in the battery, or disrupt the charging process while my vehicle still is not fully charged?

Electrical vehicles uses lithium ion batteries and lithium ion batteries do not suffer from any memory-affected problems. Therefore, it is neither necessary to wait for those type of batteries to have become fully discharged before charging, nor disrupting the charging process at any moment while your vehicle requires further charging.

What is the warranty period for charge units?

All charge units are warranted for 2-years period